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Establishment Objectives

Heading towards the 21st century, we are on the point of changing to a new direction for a human-centric economic society. In other words, people exhibit their skills freely, are active on a global scale and promoting an environment that cultivates this kind of people is our duty as we are facing an ageing society. In order to achieve this, it is necessary for new industries, local societies and academism to cooperate with the aim of achieving structural reform and sustainable development in all aspects of the economy and industry.

In particular, achieving a social system that co-exists with nature through technology in harmony with the environment is the first step towards passing on our beautiful country to future generations. Furthermore, the response to the reconstruction of a social system aiming for a recycling-based economic society and industrial technology connects to new added value creations and the activation of technological development and leads to contributing to the world as a new model by transmitting the knowledge cultivated therein.

However, EcoDesign is an issue that relates profoundly and directly to our society not only in science and technology and industry. In addition, the questions of how to handle the permeation of IT into society in general in the future and its relationship between IT industries and the environment in such a context are big challenges for EcoDesign. Furthermore, the relationship with Japanese manufacturing bases which are rapidly transitioning to China and other Asian countries is not only a great movement that predicts the future of Japanese manufacturing technology, there is also concern about the direct influence on our country depending on how environmental issues are dealt with. Based on this kind of new development of wide-reaching technology and a social environment that is diversifying, it is not enough to only continue with existing individual academic society and company activities in order to promote health and welfare and environmental conservation and conduct international cooperation. In addition, it is considered that the participation of not new organizations such as citizen communities and venture companies is important.

Based on this, as a concerned party, we decided to spread and promote EcoDesign and its concepts by establishing a specific non-profit corporation, the EcoDesign Promotion Network and cooperating with individual organizations such as citizen communities and venture companies as well as academia and the industrial world. This aim of this is to conduct research and development and education outreach, support for the operation and activities of various related organizations and the cultivation of pre-ventures and human resources in relation to the environment in China and Asia and IT technology in wide-ranging fields concerning EcoDesign through the mutual cooperation of various members who have high levels of skills and rich experience and through this to contribute to the promotion of broad public interest such as developing plentiful and healthy industry and sustainable development of society, environmental conservation, local security and international cooperation.

Tadatomo Suga
Founding representative of EcoDesign Promotion Network
May 1, 2002