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Business Details

(1)Promotion of EcoDesign concept education

  1. Implementation of EcoDesign Japan symposiums
  2. Implementation of EcoDesign international symposiums
  3. Implementation of EcoDesign instruction seminars
  4. Establishment and operation of websites

(2)Collection of EcoDesign-related documents and study and research

  1. Establishment and operation of EcoDesign research societies
  2. Investigation of environmental regulations and related activities overseas
  3. Construction of an EcoDesign information network with related organizations overseas

(3)Support for various foreign countries and international cooperation relating to EcoDesign

  1. Projects to promote the transfer of skills related to EcoDesign

(4)Advice, support and cooperation for development of technology related to EcoDesign

  1. Support for the promotion of the development of environmentally-friendly packaging technology

(5)Evaluation of technology, products and processes related to EcoDesign

(6)Compilation and publication of documents required for the projects of the corporation

(7)Other projects required in order to achieve the goals of the corporation