Going Green  EcoDesign2005
4th International Symposium on
Environmentally Conscious Design and Inverse Manufacturing
Integration of social system design, business strategies,
and technologies toward EcoDesign under the global manufacturing era
December 12-14, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan
organized by the Union of EcoDesigners, Japan, under the unified subtitle gGoing Greenh


Symposium Venue
EcoDesign 2005 is held at Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, Tokyo, Japan, which is located at the central area of Tokyo. The hall is located at National Center of Sciences Building, which is indicated as National Institute of Informatics at the map of http://www.nii.ac.jp/help-e.html.

Technical Session

The technical session consists of short presentations, full presentations, and poster presentations:

Full presentation:
  • 25 min for oral presentation (incl.discussions)
  • 2 pages for an Extended Abstract(Letter or A4 size paper)
  • 4 pages to 8 pages for a Manuscript(Letter or A4 size paper)

Short presentation:
  • 15 min for oral presentation (incl.discussions)
  • 1 pages for an Extended Abstract(Letter or A4 size paper)
  • 2 pages for a Manuscript(Letter or A4 size paper)

Poster presentation:
  • Poster sessions for presentation with a poster. This poster sessions will be conducted on specific themes and will provide opportunities for direct discussions with authors.
  • 1 pages for an Extended Abstract(Letter or A4 size paper)
  • 2 pages to 8 pages for a Manuscript(Letter or A4 size paper)


 Some distinguished papers presented at EcoDesign 2005 will be chosen as gBest paper awardsh by the international EcoDesign 2005 award committee according to contents of the papers (including both of full presentations and short presentations).

gBest poster awardsh will be also selected according to their contents and quality of posters.

This symposium awards prizes for several papers and presentations. These prizes are categorized based on presentation style. The awards committee will screen these prizes.

1) Best paper awards

 Selecting awards from full and short presentation style manuscripts according to manuscripts contents and presentation.

2) Best poster awards

 Selecting awards from poster presentation style manuscripts according to manuscripts contents and presentation.

 Awardees List

>> Best Paper Awardees


An Integrated Approach for the Development and Management of Environmentally Conscious Products

Mario Fargnoli, Univ. of Rome, Italy

Factor Decomposition Analysis of 1985-90-95 Linked Environmental Household Accounts Using Input-Output Table

Ayu Washizu1, Miki Shinozaki2, Satoshi Nakano3, 1Waseda Univ., Japan, 2The Foundation for Erath Environment, Japan, 3Keio Univ., Japan

Evaluation Methods and Applications of Factor X Indicator for Realization of a Sustainable


Tetsuya Takahashi1, Kiyoshi Ueno1, Katsunori Ishii2, 1Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Japan, 2Nihon Kentetsu Co., Ltd., Japan

>> Best Presentation Awardee
Toxic Potential Indicator (TPI) for Material Assessment in Automobile Industry

Jahau Lewis Chen1, Cheng Ming Chen1, Sheng-Bou Yen2, Jesse Y. R. Chiou3, S. F. Yeh3, Chen-Yu Liu3, 1National Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan, 2Chia Nan Univ. of Pharmacy and Science, Taiwan, 3Ford Lio Ho Motor Company, Taiwan

Best Poster Awardees

The Functional Evaluation of Future Wheelchairs Contributing to Ecological Aid in Traveling

Toshiki Nishiyama1,2, Fuyuo Takiuchi2, Kaoruko Ando2, Makoto Arisawa1, 1Keio Univ., Japan, 2The Inst. for Areal Studies, Japan



Friendship Party

A Friendship Party will be held for all participants who have registered. It give opportunities to communicate with other participants and to develop EcoDesign activities. We are expecting your join!

Date: 18:00 - 20:00. Tue, Dec 13

Place: KKR Hotel Tokyo 10F Zuiho (It takes about 3 minutes from the conference place)



Technical Tour

  As a special event for overseas participants, a technical tours is planned on December 15 (Thu.) 2005 as follows: 

(1) Hyper Cycle Systems Corporation

  Hyper Cycle Systems Corporation has been operating a recycling plant for electric appliances (including air conditioner, washing machine, television, refrigerator, and office automation equipment) since 1998, in accordance with the Japanfs Electric Home Appliance Recycling Law. It is one of the first full-scale recycling plants in Japan.

(2) EcoProducts 2005 Exhibition

  Since 1999, the "Eco-Products Japan" exhibition has been held to provide a forum for exchanging and spreading ideas, information and opinions about eco-products. 

  It featured exhibitions of some 453 companies' environmentally conscious products in a wide range of fields, including "home use" products, information/ service products, and industrial products and over 120,000 participants in 2004. It is the largest scale international exhibition in the field of eco-design and eco-products in Japan.

  A volunteer interpreter (Japanese to English) will join the tour. For application, please check the box of "Technical tour" in the registration by November 16, 2005. 

  The confirmation of participation of the technical tour will be sent to all tour participants by email before December 1, 2005. 

Overview of EcoDesign 2005 Technical Tour


December 15 (Thu.), 8:30-

Tour destination


Hyper Cycle Systems Corporation


EcoProducts 2005 Exhibition

Meeting place of the tour participants

Front gate of KKR Hotel Tokyo (1st floor) at 8:30 AM at 8:30 AM

Tour fee:

5,000 yen ( including a lunch)

Closing date for application 

November 16, 2005

Maximum number of participants is 30, and oversea participants have priority. 

Minimum operating numbers of participants

15 persons

(If the number of participants is less than minimal operation number, the tour might be cancelled and a tour fee is refunded.)