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Submission of final papers (Closed).

The deadline of final papers was September 15th, 2015.
Thank you for all the contributions!

Instruction for paper submissions
(E-book papers and Proceedings papers)


All the presenters at EcoDesign2015 are required to complete the registration and final paper submission by September 15. The E-book paper authors are required to submit 4 files per paper, and Proceedings paper authors are required to submit 1 file per paper. Details are below.

[For E-book paper authors]

E-book paper authors are those who submitted their full papers in June and received the notification of acceptance of the paper in August. The authors are required to complete the following procedures and submissions by September 15.

  1. Registration and Payment
  2. Submission of 4 files per paper
    1. Final paper with EcoDesign2015 format (pdf file)
      The file will be delivered to the conference participants on the conference day.
    2. Description of the paper revisions
      (if the author had comments from reviewer(s) and made revisions; thus it is optional for the authors who were not required the revisions by reviewer) (pdf file)
    3. Final paper with Springer format (MS-Word file) The file will be sent to Springer, and published in the E-book proceedings. The contents must be identical with 2-1.
    4. Consent to Publish form for Springer (pdf file) The file will be sent to Springer

[For Proceedings paper authors]

All other presenters (non-E-book paper authors) are Proceedings paper authors. The Proceedings paper authors are required to complete the registration and submit their final papers by September 15. The file below is the paper template and describes the author guidelines. The papers must be 2 to 8 pages. Please convert the paper file to a pdf file and submit the pdf file (please do not submit an MS-Word file).


  • Fonts that require non-English support are not allowed.
  • The files should not have any password protection.
  • For any inquiry regarding paper submission, please feel free to contact the secretarial by e-mail at your earliest convenience.

Submission of E-book papers (Closed)

The deadline of E-book full paper submission was June 30, 2015. Many thanks for the authors who have submitted E-book papers.

Financial support for young researchers from Asian countries
(This application has already been closed)

Please note that financial support is available for young researches from Asian countries, by courtesy of the Japan World Exposition 1970 Commemorative Fund (JEC FUND). Please see Special Features for details.

Submission of Abstracts (Closed)

The deadline of abstract submission was closed on April 30, 2015. Many thanks to the authors from around the world who have submitted their abstracts to EcoDesign2015.